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” If people can’t call you on a land line, a cellphone, a satellite phone — there’s always text messages, Facebook, Twitter messages, LinkedIn, e-mail, your Flickr site that shares your vacation photos while you’re still on holiday and online games that let you compete with people around the globe and around the clock .”

The online media world is ever evolving but one thing is certain, change. In the digital age, we are constantly connected to the internet with our computers, cell phones, internet of things, and more. The quote above is from an article written 10 years ago. What was once a fear of how we would turn out, has turned into a realization of what we have become.

Newslab was set up to create interesting content about the realities of how tech, entertainment and an always connected lifestyle intersect and have created a society that feeds of a continuous supply of regurgitated information. Sensationalism and viral content is not only evolving at a rapid pace but it has become an addiction, similar to gambling. The same high we get from hitting the jackpot on the slot machines at the casino is the one we feel every day, all day as we browse our news feeds, social media feeds, and text messages.