Should Canada try to tame the Wild West of the net?

More signs that old media does not understand the new media environment created by the internet. In an op-ed for Playback magazine, Bill Roberts, the president and CEO of broadcaster S-VOX, argues for greater regulation of new media in Canada. He maintains that the internet is a Wild West that needs to be tamed: The Wild […]

Debate the future of news

If you are in Vancouver on Monday, head on down to UBC Robson Square in the evening for a debate on the future of news. The event is organised by the Canadian Media Research Consortium: The Future of News Forum is the first in a cross-country series of the dialogues that will bring together journalists and the public […]

Vancouver social media meet-up over 2010 Winter Olympics

Vancouver’s social media is getting together to discuss how to persuade the organisers of the 2010 Winter Olympics to recognise the role of citizen media. Raincity Studios is hosting a meet-up in Vancouver on Thursday 4 December, bringing together independent and grassroots media publishers and creators “to exchange ideas, resources, and notes about the 2010 Olympic Games in […]

Vancouver’s social media takes on Winter Olympics

Vancouver’s social media is up in arms after being shut out of the 2010 Winter Games. Last week, more 215 international news organizations descended on Vancouver for the World Press Briefing prepared by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC). Along with print and broadcast media, news wire services and photo agencies were […]

Journalism students face tough times landing internships

One of the casualties of the economic downturn in the media industry is internships. Interning at a news outlet is often the career path to a full-time job for journalism graduates. But students coming to the end of their courses and hoping for paid summer internships are facing lean pickings. Several newspapers in Canada such as […]