Online exclusive for Olympic comeback

With the Olympics just days away, it makes sense for the Unlimited magazine to publish an online exclusive about a Canadian Olympian. The story charts the remarkable comeback of gold medal gymnast Kyle Shewfelt who broke his legs 11 months before the event. The story production could be better, with sub-heads to break up the text and more […]

Google provides new media tools on election

With Canada in the midst of a federal election, Google has come up with a couple of imaginative tools to shed light on the campaign. In a post on Google’s Public Policy blog,  Canada Policy Counsel Jacob Glick explained how Google Reader was providing an insight into how the party leaders use blogs, news sites and other online sources to stay […]

Campaigners pressure CRTC over network neutrality

The coalition is urging the public to lobby the CRTC over the issue of network neutrality. The federal communications regulator is due to rule in the coming days the major telecoms companies can throttle Internet service. Campaigners warn that allowing service providers to control the flow of net traffic could stifle Canada’s “vibrant social media community:” If you were […]

CRTC under pressure over future of Canada’s TV airwaves

The decision by the broadcast watchdog, the CRTC, to consider changing the way it allocates TV licenses is causing some concern. The CRTC has said it will review the scope of the licenses and decide whether it should “significantly narrowed or reduced” the scope of the renewal hearings in April: This review is being conducted […]