Vancouver social media meet-up over 2010 Winter Olympics

Vancouver’s social media is getting together to discuss how to persuade the organisers of the 2010 Winter Olympics to recognise the role of citizen media.

Raincity Studios is hosting a meet-up in Vancouver on Thursday 4 December, bringing together independent and grassroots media publishers and creators “to exchange ideas, resources, and notes about the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver”.

The aim is:

To discuss the possibility of an “independent media centre” at Raincity Studios office during the Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Olympic Games in February 2010 in order to maximize visibility and quality of documentation from local and international independent media makers.

The meeting is not intended as a protest against VANOC, but rather, as Raincity boss Robert Scales wrote in a comment on

We hope that we can work with the IOC to build a strategy and test innovative models over the next years to take full advantage of the various content created by fans and athletes.

The meeting is being held from 5pm-6pm at Raincity Studios HQ, Suite 420, 1 Alexander Street, in the Gastown area of Vancouver.

Post Author: Neil Black