Newslab.ca offers news, commentary, and analysis on Canada’s media in an Internet age.

The media is going through a period of tremendous change and turbulence. But most of the focus tends to be on what is occurring in the United States.

This website hopes to address some of these issues by focusing on how the media in Canada is adapting and evolving.

The project is run by Alfred Hermida, an online news pioneer, digital media scholar, and journalism educator. The BBC veteran journalist leads the journalism programme at the Graduate School of Journalism of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  It was made possible due to support from the Canadian Media Research Consortium.

UBC Graduate School of Journalism student Megan Stewart is a regular contributor to the site.  She is a regular freelance writer for Monday Magazine, Victoria’s alt-weekly and has clippings from The Montreal Gazette and The Globe and Mail. She held the lucrative but unpaid position of Intern at Maisonneuve magazine and has also contributed to Ascent magazine.

If you would like to contribute to the project, please get in touch via mail AT newslab.ca