Campaigners pressure CRTC over network neutrality

The coalition is urging the public to lobby the CRTC over the issue of network neutrality.

The federal communications regulator is due to rule in the coming days the major telecoms companies can throttle Internet service.

Campaigners warn that allowing service providers to control the flow of net traffic could stifle Canada’s “vibrant social media community:”

If you were an online innovator that wanted to utilize P2P services, why would you start your service in Canada where it is uncertain whether or not you and the users of your services will have open access to the applications you need? Will the next NowPublic, TheREALnews, or Biro Creative be scared away by the impending ISP gatekeepers?

The debate in Canada is also taking place in the US, where president-elect Barack Obama is a supporter of network neutrality.

Post Author: Neil Black