CRTC under pressure over future of Canada’s TV airwaves

The decision by the broadcast watchdog, the CRTC, to consider changing the way it allocates TV licenses is causing some concern.

The CRTC has said it will review the scope of the licenses and decide whether it should “significantly narrowed or reduced” the scope of the renewal hearings in April:

This review is being conducted in light of the concerns raised by conventional broadcasters about the challenges of the broadcasting environment, as well as the current economic climate.

There has been some speculation Canwest and CTV might have to drop their second-tier local networks, E! and A, respectively.

The CBC reports that the CRTC move has “set off alarm bells for some who are worried the CRTC could make allowances that would hurt domestic productions, such as a relaxation of Canadian content regulations”.
The broadcast watchdog is set to announce its decision on February 16

Post Author: Neil Black